Design Thinking Workshop London

Experience and learn how to create solutions, that people love. Our Design Thinking Workshop London is a practical and fun one-day training in which you solve a real challenge. If you seek to improve user experience or strive to develop innovative new offers, our hands-on training will give you the skills and frameworks to succeed.

What is Design Thinking?

At its heart, Design Thinking is a customer-centric innovation process, that helps to identify real customer pain points systematically. The process enables teams  to uncover and create solutions for real user needs, quickly test whether those solutions really will generate business benefits – before investing time and money.

Design Thinking Process

In our Design Thinking Workshop London, you pass through all 5 stages of the Design Thinking process and thereby master more than 15 core activities that lead you from systematic problem identification to rapidly prototyping and testing a solution. Though out the day, you work alone as well as part of a team.

What you get

  • A process, toolbox and mindset that empower you to do your best work
  • An experience for life
  • Drinks, lunch and snacks
  • Design Thinking Practitioner Certificate
  • A 100+ pages Design Thinking book (PDF slide deck with photo protocol of the workshop)


Your Trainer: Joern Steinz (MBA)

Joern, born 1975, is the founder and CEO of the Hamburg based innovation agency INNOMINDS. He has over 15 years of experience in creating products and services across a wide range of industries. Since 2014, Joern has moderated more than 300 Design Thinking workshops and has worked with and provided advice to leading global organisations including Audi, Porsche, Lufthansa, and Air France.

Joern studied business administration in Aachen and Coventry and is an MBA graduate of the EADA business school in Barcelona.


Hands on Design Thinking Workshop London

Design Thinking Workshop London

For makers

Our Design Thinking Workshop London is ideal for professionals from marketing, HR, engineering, management, teachers, trainers, consultants and also as a Design Thinking executive education – in short for people who want to learn how to systematically create better product and service experiences. Prior knowledge is not required, just bring an open mindset and energy for an intensive day. 

    Overview of core Design Thinking tools you will learn and experience in our Design Thinking Workshop London

    1. Empathic interview
    2. Customer Journey mapping
    3. Problem framing
    4. Headstand method
    5. Personas
    7. How Might We Question
    8. Brain Writing
    9. Brain Storming
    10. Inspiration Cards
    11. Best in class thinking
    12. Mashups
    13. Crazy 8s
    14. Buffet Method
    15. Works like prototyping
    16. Art Gallery
    17. Looks like prototyping
    18. Team activity to carry home the Design Thinking philosophy

    design thinking methodology

    In essence, you will learn to

    • discover and understand user issues
    • find creative solutions to the biggest issues
    • build and test a prototype

    Introduction to the Design Thinking concept and examples

    At the beginning of the workshop, we show a brief presentation of why Design Thinking has become one of the most popular innovation methods, combined with specific examples of Design Thinking solutions.

    Problem understanding and definition

    The Design Thinking exercise starts with in-person exploration to find out where customers‘ issues lie.Once we have insights from customer interviews and observations, we can turn these pain points into a prioritized list of goals for what the new product or service should achieve and for whom specifically (Personas) we are going to create it (“How might we statement”).

    Ideation phase

    Rather than just building the first solution that comes to mind, Design Thinking encourages you and your team to investigate options and build on multiple people’s ideas. Combined, those ideas are likely to generate a better overall solution than if any one individual just sat in a room and tried to fix things themselves. Ideation takes many forms but is at its core a variety of moderated brainstorming activities.

    Prototyping and testing

    Paper prototype creation and usability testing are fast, cheap, incredibly easy ways to see whether we covered all the angles of the problem statement. The prototype`s main purpose is to serve as a communications tool, that enables us to receive qualitative feedback. Based on the feedback, we understand what changes we need to make to move our solution forward.

    Dates Design Thinking Workshop London

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    When: Fri, 26 March 2021, 09:30AM – 05:00PM

    Price: £399 / person

    Location: Uncommon Coworking Space, 25 Horsell Rd, Highbury East, London

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